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We are experienced in cleaning complex roof mounted solar panels to the large-scale solar farms, and everything in-between.

With years of experience and knowledge within the trade, we have shown our ability to meet targets, on time and within budget. We work with Health and Safety regulations in mind as well as techniques and methods that have been proven. By working with our focused and professional approach, we have developed an outstanding reputation within the solar panel industry.

Take a look at our services in more detail to learn about what we can do and why we're the team to call for all solar panel cleaning and maintenance needs. Our expert team are able to provide professional guidance and support whenever needed so whether you need a quote or just some advice, we're the team to call.

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Our Solar Panel Cleaning

Over time, solar panels naturally get dirty and the more dirt that builds up on the protective glass, the less efficient they become. It has been proven that by cleaning and maintaining your valuable asset, it will save you money in the long run and ensure maximum efficiency.

Here at The Solar Co, we understand the importance of keeping solar panels clean and well-maintained. We offer a dedicated service to ensure that your solar panels get the attention needed. We can also provide our own tower access solutions, making our service complete from start to finish.

  • When cleaning the panels we do not put pressure on to avoid any damages which could effect warranties.
  • We are fully trained, equipped with professional solar panel cleaning equipment.
  • We are able to check over your complete system at each and every clean
  • Our solar panel experts work with a friendly, honest and professional approach.
  • System maintenance; new batteries, optimisation and inverters.
  • Professional installation service.
  • Pigeon proofing.

Our Process

Dedicated to our trade, we have developed and designed our services to be highly competitive, efficient and professional from start to finish.

  • 1 Our services begin with a tailored quotation. By giving you a clear price, you will know exactly what to expect.
  • 2 On acceptance of our quote, our team will work around your schedule to book your service at a time that best suits you.
  • 3 We ensure to arrive on time and complete all work to the highest possible standards, leaving you with thoroughly cleaned solar panels.

Solar Batteries

A solar battery enables you to store the energy generated from your solar panels and continue powering your home during the evening and nights when the solar panels are not able to generate energy. Without a solar battery, any excess energy created will simply be allocated to the National Grid. This essentially means that you will be missing out on using the energy within your own home and will be relying on your energy supplier after sundown. Solar batteries allow you to maximise the potential of your solar panels and take your energy savings even further.

Can a solar panel work with existing solar panels?

This will depend on the system you have and the battery you are looking to buy. Some batteries are only suitable alongside a new system installation that was specifically designed to work together whereas some batteries are compatible with any system.

Do you need solar panels to have a solar battery?

Solar batteries are not a feature that require solar panels to work. A solar battery in your home can simply act as a backup system in the event of a power cut. On average one battery can provide up to 24 hours of backup power and this figure can be easily increased with additional batteries.

Are solar batteries safe?

Although a solar battery installation should be completed by a trained and certified engineer, the system itself is just as safe as any other electrical appliance in your home. Solar batteries can also only be purchased through an approved installer to ensure the process is completed inline with guidelines and safety regulations.

Do solar batteries need ongoing maintenance?

As with most systems, ongoing maintenance will keep your solar battery performing at optimal levels as well as safely. Our team can help you ensure your solar battery is stored in a suitable location, operating smoothly and kept in a safe condition.

Which solar battery do I need?

The type of solar battery you need will depend on your energy needs as well as your property.  It is important to compare different models and assess which will provide the best results. The main factors to consider when comparing models are; capacity, technology, cycles warranties and powercut backup.

Our team can help you through this process and make it easy to choose the right solar battery.

How do solar batteries work?

With solar panels, any energy that is not used is sent back to the National Grid and redistributed around the country. A solar battery will instead store this excess energy and use it when the solar panels are no longer generating energy, i.e. during the evening or night when the sun has gone down.


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